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"Most lawyers I know claim to aggressively fight for their clients, but Jeff is truly fearless. He is a defense lawyer's defense lawyer. I know way too many lawyers that have a go-along-to-get-along attitude, and they don't want to make waves with the prosecutors, and don't want to ruffle any feathers. That's not what you want. That attitude doesn't get results, and doesn't get justice. You want a lawyer who will get down in the mud and fight, a lawyer who is truly a warrior in the courtroom, a lawyer who thrives in trial, a lawyer who will not get bullied, and will not take soft deals on any cases. That is Jeff. If you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor and you want to get results, talk to Jeff Voll. He is a warrior."

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100 Criminal Cases Dismissed in 1 Year Alone

I stand by my statement 100% and I implore you to find an attorney who can also state that in one year’s time after announcing “ready for trial” they have proven results of over 100 criminal cases being dismissed. There is no other attorney in Los Angeles who can actually make this claim! Since my first day practicing law my one true goal and the thing that brings me the most satisfaction in my career is defending the legal rights of the accused. I personally have not ever worked as a police officer or a prosecutor. I am confident in my skills, my work, and furthermore dedication to my clients. If you can locate a criminal defense attorney who is able to claim and prove to you greater results than what is listed on my website then I implore you to retain their services and not my own in your current legal matter. Criminal Defense Results

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