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"1st DUI Not Guilty Verdict in Los Angeles County in 2018 - Case 7DN01477 Downey Court January 3, 2018 ."


Jeff Voll is a Los Angeles based Criminal Defense Attorney who only practices Criminal Defense law.  Never hire a lawyer who also practices Business Litigation, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Family Law OR ANY OTHER AREA OF THE LAW THAN CRIMINAL DEFENSE! 

The Criminal Defense Law Firm of Jeff Voll has defended thousands of clients (peace officers included) accused of violating the criminal laws of California. He offers experienced and aggressive criminal defense representation in all areas of criminal defense law throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County Courts. 

If you find a criminal defense attorney who has better results than what's listed on my Results Page then hire them and not me.

But please do not be fooled by some of these unscrupulous lawyers who promise to make all court appearances personally only to send an "appearance lawyer" to court to "handle" your case. If at a minimum, the lawyer you pay, does not go to court on your behalf, then the chances are good that you have just been screwed by the very person who promised to fight for and protect you. And let's face it, the last person you want to be hurt by is your lawyer. After all, that's what the Judicial system, prosecutors and cops are for.

100 Criminal Defense Cases Dismissed In 1 Year

Sometimes the only way to get the best resolution of ones criminal charges is to set the case for jury trial. Announcing "ready for trial" puts the prosecution on notice that they also must be ready for trial within 10 calendar days and it alerts the Judge and prosecutor that the accused is not taking any "deals" to settle the case. short of trial. Announcing "ready for trial" also means that the defense lawyer has prepared his case for trial by gathering all necessary defense witnesses via subpoena, having ready all charts and/or exhibits to present to the jury, pulling the necessary jury instructions for the end of testimony, etc..

Jeff Voll says - "I have done this several hundred times since I began my career defending the accused, which in one year alone, resulted in over 100+ cases getting dismissed after I announced 'ready for trial.' The single most important virtue a defense lawyer can possess is the ability to be willing, ready and able to fight his clients case to a jury."

Winning Your Case With A Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

The key to success when facing criminal charges as the accused is in hiring an attorney who is not only willing to fight the charges all the way through to jury trial but one who is familiar with the Court system where the charges are being levied. I have been fighting for the criminally accused in Los Angeles County Courts since 2001.

I have represented thousands of criminal defendants accused of crimes ranging from trespassing to murder. My clients have included police officers, CFO's of multi-million dollar companies, CEO's in the tech-sector, homeless veterans, housewives, a U.S. Army Captain, 3-strike felons, and your average law abiding tax paying citizens.

I started out my career defending the accused employed as a Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender where I saw first hand how the criminal justice system "machine" churns out convictions for even the pettiest of crimes with no regard for race, age, ethnic origin, or political affiliation. The U.S. imprisons a higher percentage of its population behind bars than any other nation in the world and the future looks bleak for any reform. When more prisons are being built in this Country than Universities there is a problem that must be addressed. When facing jail or prison the only person standing between the accused and incarceration is the defense lawyer.

Too often, publicly appointed defense lawyers are overwhelmed with cases and stretched so thin so as to barely be able to afford adequate representation to the client. In addition, there are many privately retained defense attorneys who are only employed as such to make as much money as possible with no interest in defending their clients in Court.

I only take cases after I fully advise my clients that the best way to resolve a case in ones favor is to set the case for jury trial. So when looking for a criminal defense attorney to represent you, make sure he or she has a proven track record of success in jury trials.

What are the two most important things I should know if I am arrested?

1. Exercise your right to remain silent! Say nothing and be calm and cooperative. If an officer asks to see your identification, show it to him. Don't be a jerk, that's the officer's job. Remember, delaying and obstructing the duties of a law enforcement officer is a crime.

2. Call us toll free at 323-467-6400.

What if I am pulled over in my car and an officer starts asking me lots of questions?

1. Ask the officer if you are under arrest. If he says yes, then exercise your right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer immediately. Be calm and cooperative. Don't mess this part up, remember - REMAIN SILENT.

2. If he says no, then ask him to let you go and to stop violating your constitutional right to be left alone. Lots of cops will bullshit you and try to utilize legal jargon by telling you that you are just being detained and all they want to do is to search your car and/or your person. Get educated, don't let them search anything personal to you like your person or your car. You have a 4th Amendment right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures without a warrant.

What if an Officer knocks on the door of my home and asks for permission to search?

Never let an officer into your home without a warrant. Period. Let's face it, the cop is not there to ask you your opinion on the local Neighborhood Watch Program. If a cop bangs on your door and asks for permission to come in, chances are good that someone is being investigated for a crime. Beware it just may be you!

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