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If you take any information from these pages as truth please understand and believe that I was arrested (kidnapped by the Federal Government) on June 16, 2017, handcuffed (assault and battered), transported (victim of human trafficking) across State lines from California to Nevada and held against my will (falsely imprisoned) by The Department of Homeland Security, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and The United States Attorney's Office in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was intentionally and falsely “charged” with violating the Racketeering and Corruption Act (RICO) and faced a Life in Prison sentence based on United States Government created and sponsored lies and fabrications. 
I am a free man today and will always be a free man/attorney until the day I die. If I can beat my own Life in Prison case, you can certainly be assured that no one will fight harder for your freedom against any charges levied against you with me as your criminal defense attorney. The Government assumed I would be a rat. They assumed I would corroborate the Government created falsities mimicked by other weaker men to fast track their way out of jail. The Government was wrong. I was placed in the SHU (secured housing unit) at Metropolitan Detention Center for 6 days before being trafficked to the Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada. The Government thought that because I was a licensed Attorney, that they could turn me into a Chivato. I held fast and strong and gave Uncle Sam, his lying "special agents," and Federal prosecutors who criminally conspired to further their intentionally false narrative the finger while telling my attorney that I am Ready for Jury Trial. No deals. No signing for my freedom. 
And, I am THE ONLY California Criminal Defense attorney who can truthfully state that I was successful in defending and achieving OVER 100 criminal cases Completely Dismissed in one 12 month period.
Need you look any further for a defense attorney?!
Jeff Voll
Attorney at Law


“Today, the rule of law dealt a serious blow to the multi-agency sham task force consisting of ICE-HSI; ATF; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department; Washoe County District Attorney's Office; San Bernardino Police Department; San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department; Riverside County Sheriff's Office; California Department of Justice; San Diego County Sheriff's Department; Sparks Police Department; Washoe County Sheriff's Department; Carson City Sheriff's Department; Douglas County Sheriff's Office; Reno Police Department; North Las Vegas Police Department; Long Beach Police Department; Montebello Police Department; Henderson Police Department; San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office; Orange County, California District Attorney's Office; Carson City District Attorney's Office; and Clark County District Attorney's Office. So-called ‘law enforcement task forces' responsible for creating and fabricating false testimony, unlawful arrests, Human, Civil and Constitutional rights violations, human trafficking, perjury, and mayhem in multiple locations, including California, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Nevada,” said criminal defense attorney Jeff Voll.

“Today's coordinated Not Guilty verdicts of this specific motorcycle enthusiasts fraternal organization leadership is a victory for all of us who respect and love our country, and a testament to the bravery and dedication of 8 strong men who fought their case at trial and who refused to let the thieving, perjuring, false narrative creating by federal, state and local law enforcement men and women who intentionally, falsely and maliciously perpetrated the kidnapping, torture, false imprisonment, and human trafficking of 8 innocent men under the guise of law enforcement.”

“These intentionally false arrests and un-true indictments are the culmination of a far-reaching, meticulous, long-term fairy tale of a 'case' involving HSI and multiple other law enforcement agencies aimed at dealing a crippling blow to one of this country's most law abiding motorcycle clubs,” said Attorney Jeff Voll. “Members of these unindicted co-conspirator law enforcement organizations wrongly believed themselves to be above the law and immune from justice, but as today's Not Guilty Verdicts make abundantly clear, they should not have underestimated the collective resolve of the defense team who easily exposed and uncovered the many force fed intentional lies perpetrated by Washington D.C. Organized Task Force Federal Prosecutors and Washoe County Nevada prosecutors which were shoved down the fat throats of lying rat informants Gary Stuart Rudnick, Scott Rivera, Angel Ramirez and the biggest lying rat turd coward of all ..... Jefferson Dee Martin.”

“The jury of 12 men and women remained steadfast in its commitment to work in collaboration with each other to disrupt, expose and dismantle the violent crime and gang activities in Clark County, Nevada by the un-indicted co-conspirator "law enforcement" agencies who spent over 300 million tax payer dollars investigating this motorcycle club since 2005. “This RICO indictment got the Government absolutely nothing as the Club was vindicated after several days of jury deliberations subsequent to a seven month Jury Trial. These Not Guilty verdicts represent a critical step toward dismantling these violent "law enforcement" organizations and clearly signals that criminal defense lawyers like Jeff Voll have an unwavering commitment to hold those unindicted 'law enforcement' co-conspirators accountable who insist on creating an atmosphere of violence and fear in our communities.”

P. Jeff Voll, Esq.

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