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Welfare Fraud, Insurance Fraud & Perjury

Actual Case #1

In People v. Aldrid P., Case #BA467593-01, I was successful in getting this case dismissed and then Expunged from my clients record. This was an Insurance Fraud felony filing where my client was accused of filing a false claim for a fender bender that he was involved in. The Prosecutor was very easy to deal with and this was one of those cases where taking a hard adversarial defense stance would have not worked in my client's favor.  From beginning to end this case took about 5 months to resolve and my client was able to stay free of a felony conviction for a fraud/theft crime which would have been detrimental to him and his family.  

Actual Case #2

In People v. Becky S.. - Case #BA358673-01, the State filed 4 Counts of Perjury and 1 Count of Welfare Fraud against my client. I took a good look at the dates that the prosecutor claims my client committed these alleged crimes and I found them to be illegally charged crimes as the dates were possibly outside the Statute of Limitations to file charges against my client. I filed a 10 page Motion to Dismiss the case for lack of Speedy Prosecution and the case was dismissed in it's entirety. 

Actual Case #3

In People v. S.M. - Case #BA477780-01. Case dismissed on March 04, 2020. In this case, my client was charged with Perjury and Welfare Fraud. After about 6 months, the case was dismissed in it's entirety. Happy client!

Actual Case #4

In People v. O.S. - Case #BA481527-01. Case dismissed on March 23, 2020. In this case, my client was charged with Perjury and Welfare Fraud. After about 5 months, the case was dismissed in it's entirety. Another Happy client!

Actual Case #5

In People v. G.F. - Case #BA475061-02. Case dismissed on September 14, 2022. In this case, my client was charged with Grand Theft, Perjury and Welfare Fraud. After about 18 months, the case was dismissed in it's entirety. Another Happy client!

Actual Case #6

In People v. Y.B. - Case #BA506078-01. Case dismissed on November 17, 2022. In this case, my client was charged with Welfare Fraud. After about 5 months, the case was dismissed in it's entirety. Another Happy client!

The Law

Over the past decade or so, law enforcement has treated Welfare Fraud and Insurance Fraud as a top priority along with the prosecution of drug crimes in Los Angeles County. By definition it is a white-collar crime, and is always filed against a welfare recipient or against employees of the Welfare System who may have taken some part in the fraud allegations. These cases are 100% of the time filed as felonies and not misdemeanors. In some cases, felony Identity theft is also charged when one's personal information is misappropriated and used by someone else to receive food stamps through Cal Fresh or other types of benefits from the State or County. These cases can take years to investigate and then file through the District Attorney's Welfare Fraud Division office which is located on the 12th Floor of the old Criminal Courts Building now commonly referred to as the Foltz Justice Center located at 210 West Temple Street in Los Angeles, California 90012.

Welfare fraud is prosecuted under California's Welfare and Institutions Code Section 10980(c)(2). The Los Angeles District Attorney's office in about 90 % of cases, also files at a minimum, one Perjury count in violation of Penal Code Section 118. Welfare Fraud happens when the welfare recipient fails to declare money earned as income, or any other funds received by them, or when tangible assets, such as a vehicle or real property are not declared on the Welfare application form. Public assistance or Welfare is determined by a unique process in which an applicant files paperwork and other documents under penalty of perjury. These documents ask the applicant to declare assets, liabilities and the number of dependents in one's home. In many many instances, a Welfare fraud felony filing is based simply on the applicant neglecting to declare that a dependent no longer resides in the home or failing to declare that the applicant is still currently working.

If a Welfare recipient neglects to disclose other Welfare benefits, alimony, or an increase in the number of dependents in the home, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office will file felony welfare fraud in addition to perjury for receiving unentitled benefits.

Los Angeles County welfare employees who can be targeted as well for aiding and abetting Welfare recipients who may not be entitled to receive such benefits. These employees have been prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. If one is convicted of these crimes he or she is facing felony sentencing which carries with it a potential for prison time and heavy fines. The conviction will carry with it being placed on parole or probation and will permanently disqualify you from ever obtaining welfare benefits again.

In ninety percent of cases a welfare fraud investigator will contact the person who is being targeted by either making a personal house visit or by sending a letter to the person's home. The letter asks the targeted individual to call the number on the letter which is an official looking document on Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office letterhead. This is a mistake. The second someone receives this letter from the Los Angeles County District Attorney or a house visit by a Welfare Fraud Investigator, they should contact legal counsel and refuse to answer any questions asked of them. This is important to exercise one's right's and remain silent. What these house visits and letters by the Welfare Fraud Investigator are meant to do is to intimidate and scare the targeted individual into answering questions asked by the Welfare Fraud Investigator. Do not fall into this trap. Politely tell the Welfare Fraud Investigator at your door that you will not answer any questions and ask them politely to leave you alone. If you are targeted by mail wherein you received a letter asking you to call a Welfare Fraud Investigator or else a charge will be filed against you, then by all means call me as I can easily put an end to the letters and phone calls with a letter and or phone call myself to the Welfare Fraud Investigator's office. This is an important step in the Welfare Fraud Investigator's attack on you. It is very likely they have an insufficient amount of information or evidence against you and they need you to incriminate yourself by calling or talking to them face to face to volunteer information that may assure you will be filed against for perjury, Welfare Fraud or Insurance Fraud. They need you to fill in the blanks of their investigation against you! Don't do it. Call me first.

In some instances the Welfare Fraud Investigators will execute search warrants, interview neighbors, landlords, property owners, family members, etc .. and seize documents which could in turn take months or years to gather enough evidence to file felony criminal charges against you. I am aware of Welfare Fraud Investigators interrogating children, family members and neighbors with this question, “is your Mommy or Daddy at work right now?” And, “where does Mommy or Daddy work at?” What the Welfare Fraud Investigator is attempting to do is establish that Mom, Dad, or Uncle Timmy is working when he or she is receiving County benefits that they may not be entitled to. Remember, be polite and inform anyone asking you questions from the Welfare Fraud Investigator's office that you will not answer any questions and to leave you alone.

If you are being targeted, accused or have been arrested for Insurance Fraud, Welfare Fraud, Identity Theft or Perjury in Los Angeles County, you are facing felony charges which carry a potential for prison time and heavy fines. Please contact Attorney Jeff Voll who is a Los Angeles Welfare Fraud, Insurance Fraud and Perjury criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Jeff Voll immediately. Mr. Voll has never been employed as a police officer or as prosecutor. He has been defending the accused since 2001 as a Deputy Public Defender and has been fighting cases as a private defense attorney since 2004. Never hire a lawyer to defend you who has previously been employed as a prosecutor who initially in his or her career argued to send citizens to jail or prison. Mr. Voll is the ONLY attorney who has been successful in obtaining over 100 cases dismissed for his clients in one 12 month period. 

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