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What you think is just an argument can turn into something much more. Who knows what happened? A neighbor may hear raised voices and call the police. The police arrive and decide an argument ensued and so someone must be arrested for domestic violence. Domestic violence in Southern California carries serious consequences when not addressed immediately. These consequences can be both civil and criminal. If you have been charged in Los Angeles County with a domestic violence or related offense, it's imperative to contact a domestic violence defense attorney.

ALL of the following cases are actual cases that Jeff Voll has personally gotten dismissed. (the facts have been omitted as they are all basically the same ... Someone calls the police and claims their partner hit them)

People v. Fernando D. Case 2PD25505 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Carlos M. Case 2PD01512 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Vivi N. Case No. 2AM01185 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Kristina G. Case No. 2AR00177 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Susana N. Case No. 5SR04544 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Susana N. Case No. 5SR04544 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Joshua W. Case No. 5PY05502 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Albert H. Case No. 3CA06239 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. James L. Case No. 3SY03300 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Christoper L. Case No. 2LG02763 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Justin G. Case No. 3GN01251 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Osayande A. Case No. 0SY02871 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Nadeem S. Case No. 9CA25072 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Juan F. Case No. 8FF03792 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Deangelo C. Case No 3IW03325 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Lionel E. Case No. 1CR06560 - Outcome: Not Guilty

People v. Marcus W. Case No. 3IW02189 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Ralph B. Case No. 3IW02317 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Antonio E. Case No. 3IW02298 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Lonny F. Case No. 3IW02299 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Milton R. Case No 3IW02010 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Donovan M. Case No. 3IW01976 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Phillip C. Case No. 3IW02038 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. David H. Case No. 3IW00997 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Mark M. Case No. 0IW02099 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Rigoberto L. Case No. 1IW08591 - Outcome: Case Dismissed 

People v. James W. Case No. 2IW01395 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Alfredo V. Case No. 2IW01586 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Dwight A. Case No. 2IW01841 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Calvin W. Case No 2IW01903 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Ardell L. Case No. 2IW01913 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Jermaine M. Case No. 2IW01694 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Alvin G. Case No. 2IW01996 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Donald B. Case No. 1IW03112 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Roberto R. Case No. 2IW02499 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Jason S. Case No. 2IW08537 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Marcus C. Case No. 0IW02757 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Floyd W. Case No. 2IW02527 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Gloria M. Case No. 2IW02769 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Johnny R. Case No. 3IW00069 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Jonathan B. Case No. 3IW00660 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Chris E. Case No. 3IW00269 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Erica F. Case No. 3IW00070 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Antwan J. Case No. 3IW00978 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Randle H. Case No. 3IW01096 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Earl M. Case No 3IW00359 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Gerardo G. Case No. 3IW01430 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Octavio O. Case No. 3IW01598 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Abel P. Case No. 3IW01600 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Antonio W. Case No. 3IW01536 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Karl D. Case No. 3IW01538 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Tony D. Case No. 3IW01276 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Raymond W. Case No. 3IW01786 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Michael M. Case No. 3IW00990 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Gary T. Case No. 3IW01459 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Van W. Case No. 2IW02210 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Pericles C. Case No. 3IW01108 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Juana Q. Case No. 3IW01967 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Carmen J. Case No. 3IW01968 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Raul C. Case No. 3IW01287 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Juan G. Case No 3IW02090 - Outcome: Case Dismissed

People v. Davon N. Case No. 2IW02707 - Outcome: Case Dismissed


Crimes of domestic violence, committed in California, fall under a specialized set of rules. Penal Code Section 273.5 applies to crimes of domestic violence and is the most common domestic violence charge. The consequences of being charged with domestic violence vary in severity, depending on the filing status. Depending of the charge, felony or misdemeanor, a domestic violence conviction will carry severe consequences such as firearm restrictions, court mandated counseling, expensive court fees and fines, and incarceration.

Hiring the right Los Angeles based domestic violence attorney is the most important decision you can make. A wrongful accusation can be dismissed, if the right lawyer employs a carefully devised strategy. The seriousness of domestic violence accusations and the subsequent charges cannot be over emphasized. It is a serious crime, carrying serious penalties that can affect your entire life. Therefore, it is urgent that you hire an experienced Los Angeles based lawyer, who is an expert in California law. A California criminal defense lawyer can help save you and your future from the severe penalties of a domestic violence conviction.Crimes of domestic violence, committed in California, fall under a specialized set of rules. Penal Code Section 273.5 applies to crimes of domestic violence and is the most common domestic violence charge. The consequences of being charged with domestic violence vary in severity, depending on the filing status. Depending of the charge, felony or misdemeanor, a domestic violence conviction will carry severe consequences such as firearm restrictions, court mandated counseling, expensive court fees and fines, and incarceration.

Overview of Domestic Violence/Spousal Battery

Domestic violence law in California is designed to protect the safety of familial and intimate relationships. The State of California defines domestic violence in intimate of family relationships as a criminal act committed against an individual who falls into one of the following relationship categories: spouse, former spouse; a partner in a parenting, dating, or cohabitation relationship; those individuals who previously identified themselves as a participant in one of the above relationships. More often than not, child abuse and domestic violence are related to each other and occur concurrently.

Penal Code Section 242 states battery is "willful and unlawful use of force or violence against the person of another." When a defendant is charged with a violation of Section 242 of the Penal Code, several other charges may be filed in conjunction with the original charge. A charge of battery against an individual who has “forced violence” on an intimate or familial partner may be charges with a violation of Section 242 of the California Penal Code. In addition, if the prosecutor believes the harm inflicted is greater than normal, a charge of “serious bodily injury” (Penal Code 243d) may be filed.

Furthermore, California Penal Code 273.5 addresses the criminal nature of inflicting traumatic damage as the result of corporal injury on a family member or intimate partner, as specified by California domestic violence law. Under the state laws of California, individuals who believe they are in imminent harm may apply for restraining orders or protective orders. California's legal system allows for the protection of individuals against all types of abuse. As such, victims of emotional abuse may also qualify for protective or restraining orders.

Consequences of Alleged Domestic Violence in Southern California

When a defendant is charged with a domestic violence offense, the court has the power at arraignment to issue a protective order against the defendant to keep him or her away from the complaining witness, also referred to as a restraining or no-contact order, depending on your jurisdiction. Protective orders can be made even when the defendant isn't present in court and before their criminal law matter has been finalized and, in many cases, before the criminal process has really even begun. In essence, when it comes to domestic violence, you can suffer certain consequences before a judge or jury has found you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

When a protection order is issued, it can result in two significant consequences, though there may be other penalties or restrictions imposed:

  1. It can restrict a defendant's contact with the victim and their children; and
  2. It can require the defendant to leave the family home.

A person subject to a protective order or convicted of a domestic violence offense is also prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under federal law and must relinquish such weapons while the case is pending. If the accused is convicted of a spousal battery OR a domestic violence charge, he or she is forever forbidden from owning or possessing a firearm for life!

Criminal convictions of any nature, but especially domestic violence offenses, can also impact a defendant's ability to find work or housing. Potential employers or landlords who run a background check may refuse an applicant with a domestic violence conviction. 

Penalties of Domestic Violence or a Related Criminal Conviction in CA

The sentencing options for domestic violence offenses include many. Much of it depends on the severity of the allegations and any prior protective orders. Generally, penalties can include but are not limited to:

  • Fines
  • Probation 
  • Domestic violence treatment or counseling programs 
  • Imprisonment

When sentencing an offender for a domestic violence offense, the court will take into account aggravating circumstances, like:

  • the level of injury sustained by the victim
  • whether a weapon was used or a child witnessed the crime
  • whether the crime violates an existing protection order
  • the personal characteristics of the victim, such as older age or pregnancy
  • the prior record of the accused ...

The penalties for domestic violence offenses can quickly become harsher with subsequent convictions in CA. 

Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dropped in Los Angeles?

Domestic violence charges can be dropped, but it is critical to know that they will not be dropped if the alleged victim of the domestic violence no longer wants charges brought against the alleged suspect. Once the State digs in on a filing of domestic violence it is very difficult to get out of the charges. Charges are brought by the state, not by the affected person.

The same is true about the restraining order. Even if the victim no longer wants the protection order, the order remains in effect. Any person who has a restraining order against them must abide by the order or risk further criminal charges and subsequent consequences. Violating a protective order is a serious offense.

However, Attorney Jeff Voll is one-of-a-kind when it comes to getting domestic violence charges dismissed in Los Angeles County courts. Take a look at his results page as proof. 

Defenses to Domestic Violence Allegations

A person can defend against a domestic violence charge in Los Angeles. However, the specific defenses available to a defendant will depend on the circumstances of their case. 

Some common defenses include:

  • Self-defense or defense of others, where reasonable force was used to prevent an attack
  • Lack of evidence, if the prosecution fails to present enough evidence to prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt
  • False allegations, where the victim has lied about what happened
  • Accident, where the defendant unintentionally caused the injury

A conviction for a domestic violence offense can have a long-lasting impact on many aspects of a defendant's personal life, including their personal relationships, parenting, and employment. It is always in your best interests to, at a minimum, consult with a domestic violence defense lawyer about any allegations.

Police Reports May Seem Simple, But There's a lot More To It

Unfortunately, the response system for domestic violence calls can be imperfect, and victims of domestic violence may become the accused. Self-defense against an abuser may result in an act of violence against the abuser. Gender bias may also be a factor during an investigation. Abusers understand how to manipulate the system, and it's not uncommon for an abuser to accuse the abused. In cases such as this, victims may be arrested, while an in-depth investigation take place. Los Angeles prosecutors are some of the best in the nation. During this crucial time, the difference between a reduced charge or jail may be contingent upon the legal representation you choose. This is why contacting a Los Angeles based domestic violence lawyer is critical.

Your Situation Needs A Positive Resolution

Representation in these types of situations and similar circumstances requires a complex approach that not only considers the domestic violence defense but also considers information from other sources. At the Law Offices of Jeff Voll, you will receive the proper representation necessary in California, and we guarantee an experienced attorney, with expert knowledge of the state of California's domestic violence laws, will represent you.

Relationships play an important role in the court process. It is imperative that the prosecutor be made aware of the victim defendant's true situation and the facts of the case. Often times, prosecutors relate more to former prosecutors who are now criminal defense attorneys. Jeff Voll is that kind of attorney. He has the relationships and professional connections to make people listen.

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Domestic violence lawyer Jeff Voll knows how to properly defend his clients from domestic violence charges. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to make sure that a person who is accused of such a crime receives and achieves the best result possible. If you've been charged with a domestic violence offense, you should speak to an experienced domestic violence defense attorney at Law Offices of Jeff Voll, Inc. immediately. We will listen to your version of events, assess the strength of the evidence against you, and advise you of any defenses that may be available to you. Fill out an online submission form or call us at 323-467-6400 to schedule a Free Consultation today. If you need a Los Angeles based domestic violence attorney, contact the Law Offices of Jeff Voll today at 323-467-6400.

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