Pimping/Human Trafficking


Actual Case #1

In People v. David H. - Case No. BA481648, my client was accused of the very serious sex crimes of (1) human trafficking of a female who was a minor for the purposes of pimping her and (2) two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. These charges carried with them a Maximum 18 years of Prison. The Detective had a bone to pick, no pun intended, with my client and when my client was in jail awaiting arraignment, the Detective made a personal visit to my client and through the jail bars in his cell, told my client "I told you I was going to get you." Well my client bailed out of jail and never set foot back in jail/prison and is today a free man. You see, the "victim" in this case WAS a street walking prostitute who walked tracks all over the Country. When law enforcement interviewed her about my client "pimping her" she would refer to my client as her boyfriend and then proceed to talk about the little blue extraterrestrials that were circling right above her inside L. Ron Hubbard's invisible spaceship that was speeding toward earth for a Dianetics reunion at their Celebrity Center in Hollywood. The case was dismissed after about 6 months of me putting up a fight.

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