Top 10 Attorney Requirements


10 things the defendant should expect from his or her criminal defense attorney:

  1. The defense attorney must be competent. Never be afraid to ask your attorney "what was the result of your last 10 jury trials." (Caveat: if the attorney you are thinking about retaining has not completed at LEAST 10 jury trials - thank him or her for their time and LEAVE). Then call our firm at (323)467-6400 for our Spanish speaking clients.
  2. The defense attorney must communicate with his client. One of the top three reasons an attorney is reported to the State Bar is for simple failure to return client phone calls. The Law Offices of P. Jeff Voll incorporates into its business a policy of returning phone calls the same day if the phone call is received before 3 p.m. Otherwise, all phone calls will be returned within 24 hours of receipt.
  3. The defense attorney must be compassionate. He or she must take the time to listen to the client and understand all concerns, both direct and collateral, that the client has. At a minimum, compassion means going to court on behalf of the client. Those attorneys who utilize appearance lawyers are just out to take your money and fuck you over. Believe it!
  4. The defense attorney must vigorously defend his client's interest. Take a look at my Results page to see how we get things done. And remember, Jeff Voll handles his own case load. He is in court everyday and is announcing "ready" for trial at LEAST twice a month.
  5. The defense attorney must present all options to his client with recommendations and professional opinions.
  6. The defense attorney must prepare his client completely for each step in the legal process.
  7. The defense attorney must be prepared himself. There is nothing more shocking to see than an attorney, prosecutor or defense, arguing an issue of law that was recently decided by a higher court, in favor of the other side. Because the law is constantly evolving, your attorney is expected to keep up with the changes.
  8. The defense attorney must review all possible defense scenarios and interview all witnesses and review evidence in support of the clients case.
  9. The defense attorney must develop a theme to the defense. The theme is composed of a powerful defense strategy and a course of action to present reasonable doubt or otherwise minimize exposure or punishments.
  10. The defense attorney must ALWAYS be ready for trial.

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